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Underwater stunts and challenges

freediving record!
Duell um die Welt - Klaas - shark bite
Pretty close to wreck scuttling
Duell um die Welt - Jeanine Michaelsen

Give me the neoprene suit, I'll dive through it now!

Frank Tonmann, surface cameraman


If, according to the script, the commissioner is drowning in his car in a harbor basin during a chase and then freeing himself, the author has created an exciting scene. For this, however, an experienced stuntman should be available, because this requires specialists who have trained, planned, precisely sequenced and carried out such daring situations hundreds of times. We have specialists on our team, as well as the videographers and underwater photographers who know that the footage should be perfect on the first try. To show the sinking of a ship from different perspectives and from different positions on and in the vessel gives the feeling of having been in there. We were there and documented the last voyage of a ship with breathtaking images with 14 cameras.


And even the question: "Can James Bond shoot an opponent underwater with his Walther?" Can only be answered without any doubt if you have carried out this attempt yourself. We even tried a Kalashnikov. The result was surprising ...


And if it's just a challenge to clarify unbelievable, wacky or somewhat crazy-sounding questions: We create, design, plan the details, provide permits, train the protagonists and implement them skilfully and professionally. Can you relax with a cup of tea in an air bubble down in a wreck at 20 meters depth ... ??? We know it!

Duell um die Welt - Marteria on Belize
Duell um die Welt - Klaas - Piranhas in Brasil
Mein bester Feind - playing the violin under water!
Underwater stunt fact sheet
  1. Definition. Determination of required and desired material. Optimization of ideas, discussion of possibilities and feasibility.

  2. Risk planning. Analysis of the hazard potential, division of the various risks, possible solutions to reduce the risk.

  3. Location. Selection of the water bodies for the stunt. Planning of visibility, temperature and the necessary infrastructure

  4. Technical aids. Definition of technology, planning of vehicles and boats, as well as integration of technical aids.

  5. Protagonist. Selection of the right underwater stuntwoman / stuntman based on the specifications. If the stunt is carried out by the protagonist himself, extensive preparatory training and mental coaching take place.

  6. Security concept. Planning of the technical aids and the safety divers. Setting up the rescue chain, risk planning with paramedics and diving doctors. Planning of life-saving appliances and medical equipment.

  7. Briefing. Detailed safety briefing with everyone involved.

  8. Preparation. Installation of all technical equipment, placement of those involved.

  9. Stunt. The actual sequence of the underwater stunt.

  10. Control. Viewing the film material obtained, assessing the quality. If necessary, back to point 8.

  11. Dismantling. Deinstallation of the infrastructure necessary for the stunt.

  12. Debriefing. Discussion about the implementation of the underwater stunt.

Underwater stunt / diving stunt

All further information is just a phone call or an email away. We always have time for a nice phone call, during which we can show our options and enter our ideas.


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