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Underwater modeling

For advertising films, commercials or just to dream

Motorbikes can drive under water too!
model fotography has no limitations!
Wunderful underwater model!

Really everything is floating here.

Kate H., underwater model


When Jacques Yves Cousteau and Hans Hass began to produce photos and films from the still hidden underwater world with self-constructed underwater housings, the encounter with sharks or diving in a wreck was something special and drew the masses under its spell.

Today almost every diver takes such pictures and films during their last diving vacation. Underwater films and recordings occur repeatedly in action films, in advertising, in documentaries and entertainment shows and generate special attention.


Whether Heidi Klum with her top models or sexy mermaids in mystical underwater scenes, whether artfully composed underwater nude photography or rapidly staged promotional photos of an action situation - today almost anything is possible with the latest photo, film and underwater technology.


And Taucher.Net can look back on many years of successful experience. We have a team of specialists on board who are very familiar with creation, planning, training, production implementation and post-production. We have produced and accompanied many professional film and underwater recordings. Whether the aesthetics of a slow motion situation of a diving mermaid or the time lapse of a sinking ship is to be shown, the Taucher.Net production team has already accompanied many stars and record hunters and planned and produced their very personal challenges and captured them with top photos and film sequences and produced them ready for broadcast.

product display under water
Above and below!
Model under water - with perfect light.

Ideas for underwater footage

(or better: what we have already done, looked after or supported)

Fashion, fashion, fabrics, evening dresses, wedding dresses
in the pool or open water, with or without sharks, fish, rays, manatees, ....

Underwater nude, erotic, naked, barely veiled
in the basin, lake or sea, on or in wrecks, rocks, schools of fish, .....

Products, sports equipment, life-saving appliances, fashion extras, .....
under water in connection with air bubbles, colors, light and other ideas ...

Motorcycles, cars, bicycles, scooters
with or without a driver, with currents and air bubbles, ....

High-speed footage of weapons, explosions, and other rapid processes
With clean technology and lighting, completely new perspectives arise here

Underwater sound transmission, musical instruments, sound
Voice transmission while diving, underwater music, hydrophone and more ...

Shooting contests, challenges, training of protagonists
Even with inexperienced people, great results can be achieved underwater

Half / half recordings, montages, video effects
it doesn't always have to be completely underwater

Backgrounds, facilities, environments
everything goes underwater, from the living room to the golf course

and yes - for all of this we have the perfect models, actors, videographers, photographers, technicians, trainers, supporters, divers, mermaids, specialists and everything else you might need!

All further information is just a phone call or an email away. We always have time for a nice phone call, during which we can show our options and enter our ideas.


We look forward to meet you!

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Under water

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