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Support under, in and on the water

Survice in extreme conditions

Please let me die faster.

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Survice in the smallest tube
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The idea is often born quickly. But if there is a lack of know-how about how complicated the skilful implementation or realization of an idea can be, it often does not get beyond the idea status or even fails only late and after a high expenditure of time and money.


We at Taucher.Net are specialists in solving complex and complicated tasks and productions on, in and especially under water. We are well networked and have a large pool of cooperation partners who accompany and support us in brainstorming, planning, location or spot searches and implementation. We organize everything: special equipment and technical support, we provide the required gas logistics and destination support, we organize expedition ships for larger teams as well as super-fast offshore speedboats. And if needed, we can also get a ship that meets all the strictest environmental requirements so that it can go down for a sinking scene and then reappear again later.

And because people with little diving experience or even untrained actors are usually the protagonists, we not only have a special team of highly qualified diving instructors and trainers on board, but also very experienced diving doctors with us if necessary. They professionally prepare the participants for what is to be photographed or filmed. They examine and check the protagonists meticulously, plan every little sequence of the action and are always by the side of those involved at the location. And regardless of whether it is in the ice water of a frozen Finnish lake, in the northern Arctic Ocean several thousand meters deep, in a mountain lake at home or in the training pool for space travelers - safety is really the only permanent guest at all Taucher.Net productions.

Everything needs to work under ice
Waterproof equipment
Surface support team

Destination advice: We know where it looks like underwater and we know reliable divers and technicians in the destination. We know all indoor diving and training pools, and other locations for underwater shooting. We will find the optimal location for the implementation of your idea.

Diving support: We help with everything under water. Whether for safety, technical support or pure monitoring. Regardless of the visibility, temperature, time of day or season.

Logistics: We know how to transport diving, film and expedition equipment to any place in the world - reliably, safely and, if required, also through personal accompaniment or handover.

Diving medical care: We know competent diving and expedition physicians who can provide any medical service on site. Together with the doctors, we ensure that the rescue chain works. All around the world.

Technical diving: We know how to deal with great depths, caves, wrecks and difficult environments. We know exactly who of our experts is best suited for which project, and can carry it out and document it safely and successfully. Regardless of whether in the open system or on a rebreather.

Technical support: We design and build everything for underwater, know our way around ships, cranes and drives, and find a working solution for every technical problem. We also ensure on site that the technical equipment works and remains ready for use - wherever the technology is needed.

Consulting: We can advise whether and how a desired project can be implemented. We find optimizations and solutions even for complex requirements, and we know who with very special know-how can provide further support and, if necessary, carry it out.

Idea generation: We have experience with the implementation of any underwater project. We bring in creative ideas and suggestions to optimize and enrich the desired material.

Mediation of contacts: We know the right people to support the project. Often, passing on a single contact is enough to turn problems into solutions.

Our support services

All further information is just a phone call or an email away. We always have time for a nice phone call, during which we can show our options and enter our ideas.


We look forward to meet you!

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