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Documentaries under water

Big fish on Azores
Colorful reeflife
Coast of Santa Maria
Wreckdiving in Norway
Ice formation in Greenland

I peed into my suit. That was way too close.

Steve H., underwater filmmaker


A veritable amount of underwater films and documentaries is currently flooding the TV channels and showing the beauty of the underwater world from the deep sea to the shallow areas of reefs and coastal regions. Whether time-lapse video sequences that document the tidal cycle or macro shots that make the beauty of the tiny details visible, whether sensational insights from wreck diving or disgusting findings about human overexploitation and pollution of the oceans - the Taucher.Net team has tens of thousands of diving hours in all waters of this world and have seen and experienced almost everything. The experience gained in this way also establishes an intensive network with all important marine organizations and activists, scientists and diving professionals around the globe.

We have already produced in the Amazon in the middle of swarms of piranhas, dived with orcas in the Arctic, documented and explored deep wrecks and produced many travel reports, animal films and documentaries worldwide and planned, accompanied and implemented many daring challenges for well-known television productions.

Challenge us! You can rely on us - under, in and on water.

Cave diving at its best
Underwater life
Pretty close to the tiger shark

We have experience and ideas with and for the following destinations, animals, ecosystems and topics, and we have contacts for everything else!


Mammals : sperm whales, humpback whales, orcas, dolphins, freshwater dolphins, manatees, dugongs, ...


Sharks : hammerheads, great white sharks, tiger sharks, reef sharks, bull sharks, whale sharks, greenland sharks, basking sharks, lemon sharks,….


Big fish : manta rays, eagle rays, barracudas, groupers, moray eels,….


Small things : corals, reef fish, mollusks, shellfish, worms, squids, critters, microorganisms, ....


Ecosystems : deep sea, reefs, mangroves, mud flats, rivers, fresh water, caves, spring pots, thermal waters….


Wrecks : fresh and salt water, historical wrecks, war history, airplanes, tanks, submarines,….


Destinations : Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia, North America, Central America, Amazon, Arctic, Antarctic, Red Sea, Africa, Caribbean, South Pacific, ...


Topics : environmental protection, finning, ghost nets, reef building, coral bleaching, food chains, reproduction, tagging, research, expeditions, search for wrecks, salvage, phenomena, habitats, fishing,.

Our experience

All further information is just a phone call or an email away. We always have time for a nice phone call, during which we can show our options and enter our ideas.


We look forward to meet you!

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