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Your dream dive!

Big fish on Azores
Colorful reeflife
Coast of Santa Maria
Wreckdiving in Norway
Ice formation in Greenland

The whale was staring at me. For minutes.

Bernd Conrad, Dream vacationeer


Surely you too have dreamed of the most crazy dive. Maybe it was just an easy and leisurely dive on a great reef. Or maybe it was much, much more exotic. And you want nothing more than to experience this dive in real life? This is where we come in.


We know exactly where you can experience what you wish underwater. And by that we mean very unusual locations that not many people know about. Would you like to get very close to a special animal? Dive an extraordinary wreck? Maybe also with a submarine? Dive into a crystal clear cave? We'll help you, and if you like, we'll accompany you personally on this dive. A VIP service for under water, so to speak.

And if it shouldn't just be a single dive, but a whole dream vacation, exactly according to your ideas? We can help here too. As a fully-fledged tour operator, we plan your vacation exactly where it suits you 100%. And here, too, there is the possibility that we will give you your own diving buddy - if you wish.

Make your dream come true! We'll help you with that. Fast. For sure. And dreamy. Promised.

Cave diving at its best
Underwater life
Pretty close to the tiger shark

All further information is just a phone call or an email away. We always have time for a nice phone call, during which we can show our options and enter our ideas.


We look forward to meet you!

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